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Tim Read has a history of over a decade of work in technology. He’s worked for clients as small as local bands and physicians to the biggest names and brands in the world – Paul McCartney, Nissan, Lucasfilm and the NFL among others. His experience is a blend of pure design and deep technology.

Earlier in the decade, Tim focused primarily on pure design – production artwork, asset creation and media design for the web and mobile content. This time included work for major licensed brands like Hello Kitty, South Park, and Star Wars, among others.

More recently, Tim worked as a front-end developer, focusing on usability, look & feel, and understanding the ways in which technology could be applied to develop more appealing user experiences. This work began at Move.com during a major rebranding effort, which also was focused on increasing user retention through better interaction. More recently, he worked with Topspin Media, establishing the first drafts of platform code and standards while the product was under development.

Along the way, Tim started working with a direct product focus. At Topspin, Tim developed specifications for many platform functions, including social-focused marketing widgets, product fulfillment flows, as well as communicating new functionality to users and documentation. He’s helped startups like SeatMe improve their user on boarding; built out dozens of wireframes and flows for GamePlay/bSpot; worked early with startups Toobit and Fluence to help set a course for the years ahead. He also helped lead the effort to build an advertising platform for Topspin; the technology developed there was a key driver in Topspin’s acquisition.


Wireframe Design & Strategy:

Big Social widget (Topspin) – free media for social activity.

Documentation & Specification:

Weight Based Shipping interface (Topspin) – One interface; works with any shipper worldwide regardless of preferred delivery service.

Strategic work & process refinement:

See Case Studies.

Production Artwork:

Banner ads used for testing link exchange marketplace (Topspin). PageCXVI



Basic site look & feel & interaction (Toobit, now Ripple) – secured angel investment.